The European digital innovation hubs network helps companies in the European regions to improve their processes, products and services through the use of digital technologies.

Navarra is positioned in this network with IRIS, the European Digital Innovation Hub of Navarra, whose purpose is to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and to invest in the development of the digital ecosystem of the region.

IRIS, headed by the Government of Navarra, is the fruit of the consensus and involvement of a community formed by agents of the Navarra R&D&i System (SINAI), agents related to Economic Development, and Companies who are suppliers of digital solutions. This ecosystem is organised around physical and virtual infrastructures and services.


IRIS ensures that any company, of any size and any technological level can take advantage of the digital opportunities available through this one-stop scheme that offers:

  • testing of technology before investment
  • financing advice,
  • transfer of scientific-technological knowledge,
  • and networking opportunities, among others.

Therefore, the Register is permanently open to any company interested in forming part of IRIS, either as a user and/or service provider. For this purpose, the IRIS Platform together with SIESS, the platform for the shared use of infrastructures and scientific-technological equipment that has been operating in Navarra since 2017, emerge as the tools for the VIRTUAL PHASE OF IRIS LAB, from which all the above-mentioned services are offered.


Moreover, there are also other initiatives that are currently in Navarra and collaborating with IRIS, such as DINABIDE Promoted by Sakanako Garapen Agentzia, the town council of Irurtzun and the Association of Businessmen of Sakana, this is a collaborative space located in the former offices of INASA in Irurtzun. It aims to generate a community of knowledge, entrepreneurship and experience directed at digital transformation. This space comprises three areas:

  • Co-working which is accessible to any entrepreneur, self-employed person or small business who has an enabling technology-related project.
  • Technology: We will have additive manufacturing machines, robots, augmented reality, in short, 4.0 technologies in which enterprises and users will be able to train and develop projects.
  • Sakana Business Network, which wishes to undertake the digital transformation.


The construction of the IRIS campus buildings is planned for 2021. This campus adjoins the Public University of Navarra and will house all the ecosystem of capabilities in order to guarantee fast, centralised access.

The IRIS Lab will be the Digital Innovation Hub Laboratory and will be located on the campus of the Public University of Navarra. It will be open to all those companies wishing to show or try out new Digital Transformation-related technologies and incorporate them into their products and processes.