SIESS (Scientific Infrastructure and Equipment Sharing System) is an innovative virtual platform, created and coordinated by ADItech since 2017 with the backing of the Government of Navarre, for the shared knowledge and use of infrastructures and scientific equipment among R&D agents in this leading Spanish region. There are few examples like the SIESS, both on a national and international level, as the knowledge and collaboration needed between heterogeneous entities is a great challenge. The role of ADItech as the coordinator of these agents, enabled its launch and current development.

The SIESS Community currently comprises 12 R&D agents from Navarre, which contribute over 1200 pieces of equipment to the virtual platform, of which a specific part is classified and labelled for Digital Transformation (DIH).

This available infrastructure is also a node of the Spanish Super-Computing Network, to which IRIS would have direct access.

SIESS is open to the incorporation of infrastructures and equipment offered to IRIS Lab by companies.

SEARCH & SHARE infrastructure and equipment for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

On every item you will find a contact person who can clarify to you the availability and sharing terms and conditions.

If you are interested in using any of this equipment, please contact the person in charge.
If you need assistance accelerating the agreement, please contact the SIESS Coordinator.