It includes a Virtual Community of Agents forming part of the Navarra Innovation System (SINAI), agents related to Economic Development, Companies providing solutions and physical spaces, IRIS Lab, for the provision of certain services related to this digital transformation.

IRIS is structured as a Platform for public-private collaboration, for the core purposes of:

  • Accelerating the Digital Transformation of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Navarra.
  • Promoting the evolution of the Administration of the Autonomous Community of Navarra towards greater digitalization, particularly with regard to positioning Navarra as a European leader in Personalised Precision Medicine.
  • Fostering a greater understanding among the inhabitants of Navarra with regard to the technologies underpinning an Advanced Digital Society.

The SIESS Platform is the core of IRIS, giving access to:

  • The technologies available, either virtually in the Navarra Innovation System as a whole and also physically in the Hub area.
  • The services available to the SMEs and provided by the agents involved.
  • Actions related to Talent promotion and management.
  • Financing at the level of the Autonomous community of Navarra.
  • Support for entrepreneurship, particularly for that generated by Hub-related initiatives.
  • Interaction area, both physical and virtual, for the purpose of sharing experiences, not only between companies in the Region but also with other HUBS at a European level.