The Europe 2020 Strategy, implemented by the European Commission in 2010, is directed at promoting “smart, sustainable and inclusive” economic growth and at setting targets for the EU. It also establishes the framework for action with regard to innovation, employment, education, social inclusion and energy, with particular mention of the concept of Smart Specialisation for its implementation at a regional level.

The Smart Specialisation Strategies (3S) are an economic development model that involves concentrating the resources in those economic areas in which each region has significant competitive advantages. For this purpose, the 3S requires the development of a shared future vision and the identification – through a process named “entrepreneurial discovery” – of thematic priorities, taking into account the economic potential, scientific-technological potential and the overall competitiveness of the region, and that of its stakeholders, particularly the companies. Finally, the 3S proposes the use of smart policies focussed on the said priorities in order to maximise the regional development potential, progressing towards a knowledge-based economy.

The smart specialisation strategy of Navarra seeks the following performance objectives, based on the sustainable economic development lines and what is known as the “triple bottom line”: financial, social and environmental. This model is also included in the Europe 2020 Strategy which favours smart, inclusive and sustainable growth, and in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for universal sustainable development:

  • Greater quality of life through a system of social cohesion, healthcare of the utmost quality and an excellent education system as the great strengths of Navarra.
  • Greater sustainability, respecting and valorizing the natural environment of Navarra, protecting the natural resources and promoting an efficient use of the same, in order to maintain and improve environmental quality.
  • Greater prosperity, based on the development of the business and industrial fabric, integrating and enhancing human talent, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in order to ensure that Navarra remains highly competitive.