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Awards for digitalisation

2023 Edition


The IRIS Awards for digitalisation already has its first 5 winners

More then 150 persons attended the 1st IRIS Gala Awards to honour the best digitalisation initiatives and projects in Navarre for 2023. The 5 winning projects from the 61 entrants and participants were those presented by Nexxyo Labs, Human AI y DATAI, Los Jabones de Montse, Mutua Navarra and Once. Congratulations!

El Polo de Innovación Digital de Navarra, IRIS, a través de los Departamentos de Universidad, Innovación y Transformación Digital e Industria, Transición Ecológica y Digital Empresarial de Gobierno de Navarra, con la colaboración de la Fundación Navarra para la Excelencia.



5 categories, 5 awards

IRIS Award for the Digitalised Company


For creating a space to generate business based on disruptive technologies such as blockchain in the gaming and industrial sectors. Another outstanding feature is the clear, firm and established commitment to R+D+i and continuous training.

IRIS Award for the Digital Collaboration Project


For the creation and co-design in collaboration with education centres and training and employment organisations of an AI-based solution to characterise personalities and socio-emotional skills based on written texts, as an alternative to traditional assessment methods, avoiding biases in self-perception and social desirability.

IRIS Award for digitalised business


For adapting a traditional business model to the digital world. Outstanding for the use of digital systems to manage traceability throughout the process, which leads to the marketing of the product, and the acquisition of user skills and interactions based on said skills.

IRIS Award for digital public institution


For revolutionising radiological services by implementing a digital system that is more accurate in diagnosis, improving patients' quality of life, reducing time between diagnoses and treatment and reducing or eliminating possible incorrect treatments due to mistaken diagnoses. 

IRIS Award for digitalising the Tertiary Sector


For improving the quality of life of blind people thanks to the implementation of actions such as a digital platform with biometric voice signature, which enables visually impaired people to sign documents with their voice, with full legal force.

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